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Lunatech Smart Interactive Podium LN22BP

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1. Material: High density board and stainless steel; 2. Sliding cover: Opening/Closing the cover easily; 3. Soft wheels: 4 wheels with moving podium for convenience; 4. Adjusting Monitor Angle system (Actuator): User can set monitor's angle; 5. Closed Dimension: 850*770*1200mm (L*W*H); 6. Open Dimension: 1540x870x1200mm (L*W*H); 7. Laptop Interface Modules: Powerx1/ USB X2/ AUDIOX1/ VGAX1/ SOUND INX1/ HDMIX1/ RJ45X1; 8. 22inch multi-touch LCD screen; 9. Speaker, controller, amplifier, wireless microphone; 10. One pack size: 95x85x133cm, 90kg
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Lunatech Smart Interactive Podium LN22BP
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