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Jual Scanner A1 Colortrac SmartLF Scan!

Keep better records with SmartLF Scan!, the only wide format scanner which works both as a networked office scanner and out on the road. With six modes of operation, you can scan to your PC, network, a USB drive or internal memory (just like a digital camera), or scan to email and cloud via your iOS device.

  • Small, light and 100% portable large format scanner
  • Does not require a PC to use
  • Scans in full color, grayscale or black & white
  • 600 DPI optical resolution
  • Scan to Cloud, email, USB, internal memory, PC, network
  • Control from your smartphone / smart device or directly on scanner
  • Output: PDF, JPG, TIF in color or BW
  • Scan anything from letter size up to Arch D 
  • Maximum document width 24" 
  • Maximum document length and 109"

Now compatible with rainforest365, a convenient iOS app, which allows you to operate the scanner from your iPhone or iPad, and upload directly to the Cloud or share via email.

Designed with just the specifications you need to accurately scan wide format documents from your live projects.

  • No complex software
  • AutoSize and preset filters which optimise both color and black and white drawings, including highlighter pens
  • Output to three file types:
    • PDF for collaboration – everyone can open
    • JPEG for compression – great for email
    • TIFF for analysis – raw, full-size uncompressed images
Scanner Colortrac
Nama Produk : Jual Scanner A1 SmartLF Scan! 24inch
Price : Call
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