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Durabook Tablet CA10

Slim, Lightweight, Wireless Tablet


Payment Terminal Solution

CA10 offers several solutions for payment terminal. With factory  options of Smart Card Reader, PIN Pad, and Magnetic Stripe Reader, CA10 is the most versatile mobile payment terminal on the market.

Smart Card (IC Card) Reader

One Smart Card Reader meets ISO 7816

Magnetic Stripe Reader
Allows bi-directional card reading and encrypts three tracks of card data to ensure Privacy.
Spill-proof, PCI certified and encrypts PIN numbers for secure transmission to the host for processing.
Data Collection
Barcode Scanner
Optional  integrated  barcode  scanner  support 1D/2D barcode reading. The barcode scanner is embedded   at   45 degree   pitch/skew   in   an ergonomic design when using Tablet PC to scan barcodes at any reachable height. Special trigger button, designed with max comfort, allows users to quickly scan the barcodes and avoids pressing the   wrong   button   to   dramatically   increase scanning efficiency.
RFID Reader
RFID reader supports ISO 15693, 14443 A/B standard.
5MP CMOS Camera with Flashlight
In  addition  to  standard  1.3MP  front  camera, CA10 offers auto-focus 5MP rear camera with flashlight, supporting Geo Tagging in the EXIF of JPEG file.
Durabook Tablet Rugged
Nama Produk : Rugged Tablet Durabook CA10
Price : Call
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Rugged Tablet Durabook CA10


Spesifikasi Tablet PC CA10 Durabook


  1. Optional Items
  2. Support 1D/2D barcode reading, Angle: 38.9° (Horizontal), 25.4°(Vertical)
  3. HF RFID Reader support ISO 15693, 14443A/B standard
  4. Battery Mark 4.0.1 Life Test Method (Battery life may vary with the product configuration, settings, usage patterns, and operating environment.)
  5. With two battery packs (Actual weight may vary with different configurations)


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